Mouz vs NIP Tips , Odds and Previews.


Katowice 2016

Mouz vs NIP

Today we are going to get an insight of the match up between Mouz and Ninja in Pyjamas. This game is the second game of IEM Katawoice 2016 that commences at 11.20AM GMT on the 2nd of March 2016. This is a Best of one event.

Ninjas in Pyjamas also known NIP have been performing decently with three wins of their last five games with wins over Navi and two wins over Dignitas. This gives them a 60% win rate of their past five games. They are still adjusting to the loss of Allu and are Pyth, former Winterfox player, has settled in nicely.

Mousesports have won all of their recent games with impressive wins over YP, HR, FlipSide Tactics, EFRAG and LDLC.White. The HR game went to overtime were Mouz won 19 – 15.

Rosters include;
– Get _ right
– Pyth
– friberg
– Xizt
– f0rest

– nex
– ChrisJ
– dennis
– Spidii
– NiKo.

My prediction : Based off win rate and how serious of a tournament this lan is Mouz will want to take this opportunity to get their first big win while NIP have a tendency to show off and get a win with close games I predict Mouz will win with a 62% chance.

Calvin Hynes.