Mouz vs SK – Cache– ESL Pro League Season 3 Tips, Odds and Preview


Mouz and SK are matched up against each other in the ESL Pro League Season 3 Group Stage  to be held on the 17th of March 2016 at 23:00 CET on the map of Cache.




Cache is one of the best maps for Mouz having consistently defeated well known teams such as NIP, Fnatic and Astralis on it. The team has been generally performing well in their matches so far sporting a stellar lineup consisting of Niko, ChrisJ, Nex, Denis. Each of these players are really high skilled and we all remember how much of an impact Chrisj can have on one match.



SK do not perform well on Cache. They did score a win over Faze in their last matchup, however Faze have been in a huge slump with only one win out of their last ten matches. SK is a decent team however as has been stated in the Cobblestone Analysis, they are not really playing their best. They have very little chance of actually qualifying into the top four of ESL.


The Prediction : 75%-25% Mouz

The Bet : Medium Mouz