Mouz vs SpaceSoldiers – Gameshow Global Tips, Odds and Preview


Mouz vs Space Soldiers

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Alright Mouz played really well yesterday against Dignitas. However if you truly consider that match you will notice a few discrepancies in “Mouz played well”




Mousesports have been playing really on point recently. Right from the change of Spiidi for GobB, their performance levels (especially aim) has severely improved. Their last three wins have been wins over Hellraisers, Dignitas and CPHW. Even the losses prior to that was against Astralis ( which they choked severely) and Dignitas ( which was again  choke). This match is online and even better for a team like Mouz which is known to be a online team. They play significantly better online than on LAN.


Their best map is Cache. Its their favorite map and they are very good on it as was demonstrated yesterday too. They also like to play on mirage, dust2 and Overpass apart from Cache. These maps are comfortable for them as a team and they definitely seem to have practised a lot on these maps.


Firstly Dignitas were not playing well at all. Pushing through smokes, no co ordination in the team and just getting Chrisj”ed. They really had a harrowing time. They did manage a semi comeback on Cache but fell short and lost the map 16-12. Remember Cache is one of Mouz best maps and losing that map 16-12 ( after almost being down 14-4) is quite impressive imo. On the second map, we saw Dignitas ahead 9-2 at a point of time. However Mouz staged a nice comeback to tie the score 9-9. After that Cobblestone being a T sided map definitely favored Mouz ( who were terrorists on the second half). Dignitas lost a map that they potentially should have won easily ( considering they were 9-2 up)


Space Soldiers


Space Soldiers is a team that goes on streaks. Its either a winning streak or a losing streak. Their performance levels vary too much to be able to constantly assess them for a long period of time. However they are also known to play very well. Of Course it does depend on how Xantares, their star player plays. If he plays to the peak of his ability, they can defeat many teams out there. Their favorite map is definitely Mirage. Now considering Mouz have been recently pretty decent on Mirage, I doubt Mouz should want to ban Mirage as a map.

That does give Space Soldiers a familiar map to play on. Ultimately it does depend on how Space Soldiers play particularly today.


Considering the current odds and the fact that this tournament is not the same as ESL, it does require a small bet on Space Soldiers


The Prediction : 75%-25% Mouz

The Bet : ICB to Low on Space Soldiers