Murloc Geniuses vs Team Blaze Heroes Rising Cup Odds, Tips & Preview

heroes of the storm heroes rising

The game between Murloc Geniuses vs Team Blaze will take place on January 10th in the Heroes of The Storm, Heroes rising up.

This is the game to watch, in my opinion these are the two most diverse teams in the North American scene right now. We have Murloc Geniuses who are the current masters of the new map Towers of Doom, picking it whenever they can to secure a free win. Then we have the diversity in the drafts from Team Blaze led by support player Yuuj who is one of the best in the scene. It does not matter what heroes are in the meta game to this team, they will pick any hero and make it work.

Murloc Geniuses with their high priority of Tyrande and Kerrigan in the past and their up and coming most recent drafts we have seen with Nova in the competitive scene, it will be interesting to watch what is drafted in this match up coming from both teams. Murloc’s have a stronger showing against Blaze in the past, but will it be Blaze’s time to shine in the eSports Arena?

Who will be saved from elimination? Who do you think will win it all in the Heroes Rising Tournament this weekend in California?


Murloc Geniuses 55%
Team Blaze 45%