MVP left without any players! – Dota 2

Following the departure of “MentalProtector” and “Forev”, the remaining 3 players have been confirmed to having left the team.


MVP.Phoenix placed 5th-6th place at TI6, a better than previous performance for the team where they were 7th-8th place last year at TI5. It is usual that team are shuffled around post TI6 since teams want to get new skills and play styles in hope of a better performance, however, the empty MVP.Phoenix roster will pose a significant problem for the team.

The first two players QQ and Febby left  the team on the 19th and 23rd of August where they were quickly picked up by Team Secret after their announcement. The 3 players who recently left the team together, “QQ”, “febby” and “Dubu” are all currently free agents and are hopeful that a team can pick the trio up together. It is also rumored that the trio may also join back MVP depending how things roll out.

MVP stated that the motivation behind the departure of the members were because members wanted to “open every option and possibility” which is commonly what players desire. The team manager also confirmed that the trio also had interests in rejoining the team.