n0thing reveals plans for the future

Following being benched, n0thing has released a youtube video

n0thing has released a youtube video explaining to fan why he got benched, and what he’ll do in the future. He revealed that there was internal conflict within the team that was bound to happen due to different age and maturity levels within the teams. This lead him to later feel a change was going to take place, where either he along with another teammate would go, or the opposing trio would be benched. Likely to preserve C9’d qualifications to the other events, they chose to side with the 3 members so the team wouldn’t be disqualified like optic who switched out 3 members.

He explains he will move on to streaming and content creating on youtube, likely also making weekly vlogs on his day to day life. Interest was also expressed for commentating, where he stated he would likely be a commentator on the dates he had free time, as any huge event organisers had already contacted him, such as ESL and DreamHack.

n0thing will remain on C9 and has declined offers from other organisation, likely due to contractual obligations.