NA LCS 2016 – CLG vs. TSM – Finals Recap!


What a stunning game from both teams for the finals for the NA LCS 2016!


Below you will find a small recap of each game, along with the gameplay from each individual round.

Game 1:

Win to CLG

14 : 14

TSM’s botlane and jungler were able to secure a clean first blood in the mid game with their unexpected mid lane gank against “Huhi” with only a single summonor spell being burned. CLG were then able to secure the “Rift Herald” but did not utilize the buff advantage since they chose not to siege any towers from TSM.

This was a pretty sad game for TSM, winning their last fight at baron, they failed to give enough credit to enemy super minions ultimately leading to their demise with the “Winions” ending the game while “Bjergsen” chose to persue “Darshan” for the last kill.

Game 2:

Win to TSM

16 : 6

CLG were able to gain first blood, but quickly lost 2 of their team members shortly after. The gold difference between the two teams increased until TSM had a 5k advantage over CLG when they decided to opt for a major fight followed by a successful baron.

Game 3:

Win to CLG

18 : 19

TSM secured a stunning first blood with midlaner “bjergsen” catching the CLG jungler after being mispositioned in his own jungle even though they knew TSM had successful control of the botside jungle.

As the game progressed, CLG were able to equalize the kills for the most part of the mid game, and soon took a 2 kill advantage over TSM. With TSM and CLG both trading kills, the game was fairly even until the point that CLG were able to successfully seize baron and gain a further gold advantage of 8-9k.

TSM however still lost the final fight as they acted in haste and decided to blow almost every ultimate before they killed the CLG adc “Stixxay” resulting in Caitlyn wiping out the majority of the team with a stunning Quadra kill.

Game 4:

Win to TSM

12 : 2

TSM performed an extremely early successful dive at 4 min, which allowed them to obtain first blood in the top lane.

The game later progressed to where everylane was more or less winning, with the only 2 CLG killed being fed to “Stixxay”, TSM were easily able to annihilate the CLG front line and destroy the back line.

This was definitely a clean sweep from TSM without much resistance from CLG.

Game 5:

Win to CLG

12 : 9

What a spectacular last game from these veteran top 2 teams. This was definitely one of the closest and messiest final games I’ve seen in quite awhile. Both team battled their hardest, with the early CLG lead of 4:0, TSM definitely didn’t at the slightest give up. TSM were able to equalize the team scores to 7:7 with a gold deposite of 1k – almost nothing in the late game since TSM did hold the Gragas and Corki late game.

CLG however, were able to take the win as their adc “Stixxay” performed amazingly with an extremely high damage output in the last fight along with a triple kill against TSM.

The last fight ended with CLG still being behind in gold as seen on the game above, but CLG managed to pull through with an amazing final victory against their long time enemy TSM.