NA LCS Week 5 Full Preview & Predictions


Day 2

NRG Esports vs. Counter Logic Gaming

nrg vs clg

Both NRG Esports and Counter Logic Gaming have had an extremely underwhelming run this split. Both teams have had extremely high expectations coming into this split with CLG being the previous North American champions and NRG undergoing significant roster changes (for the better of course). Disappointingly, these teams are now placed 7th and 8th and only picked up victories against teams that are seeded lower than them.

From a mechanical perspective, the lanes should be pretty evenly matched in terms of what they are capable of. But when you include factors such as team synergy, shot-calling, dragon control and lane swaps; CLG outclasses NRG in rotational play. CLG has a much better early game rating compared to NRG, who have the tendency to fall into a gold deficit before the 15-minute mark.

I feel as though both teams are showing a great deal of weakness at the moment. NRG Quas has failed to take upon the role of this top lane carry that we had hyped him up for, GBM has also been a little rusty, especially against the quality of mid laners this season and the NRG bot lane has been slipping against their counterparts. CLG too, is not as aggressive and overpowering as they were last split. For the most part this is a combined effort of their team mates that have caused them to be placed so poorly in the ladder.

Overall, CLG is obviously favourites, however I feel as though this can be anyone’s game given the poor performances by both teams.

Predictions: 45% NRG eSports | 55% Counter Logic Gaming (Maybe a 2-1 upset by NRG)

Phoenix 1 vs. Team Solo Mid

pheonix vs tsm

Yes Phoenix1 is terrible. Yes this TSM line-up is the best that NA has ever seen. Yes TSM are going to stomp Phoenix1. But lets put the obvious behind us and appreciate how P1 has made some significant improvements since the beginning of the split DESPITE going 0-8 thus far.

If NA decided not to play matches in this best of three format, P1 would have technically picked up a few wins. They’re definitely playing a little more consistently but not to the standard of the NA LCS.

TSM has had a history of losing to lower tier teams. Their previous split was filled with upsets in the form of victories against teams like CLG, IMT and Liquid, and losing to teams like NRG and Renegades. They’re without a doubt going to show a lot of respect to P1, and look to overwhelm them with concise, aggressive plays.

Prediction: Phoenix 1 30% | Team Solo Mid 70% (2-0 TSM victory)

Immortals vs. Apex

immortals vs apex

Immortals are looking on point this season and have only dropped one game to TSM.  While Immortals are a very well rounded team; who excel mechanically, have great team synergy when calling for early ganks as well as great play makers like Huni, 200 IQ Pobelter and Turtle, Apex are lacking such qualities in many aspects of their gameplay.

Apex demonstrate a mix and match of players; a team that is dependent on their top lane to snowball and carry due to his aggressive picks such as J4, Fizz, Swain and Irelia, but thus far Ray has been very inconsistent. Keane was also notorious for his cheesy picks in the mid lane, particularly his Urgot picks backs in s5. However rather than being a mid laner that teams should be fearful of, he sits in the middle of the pack as nothing special.

Overall, Immortals should be able to take an easy victory against this line-up.

Predictions: Immortals 60% | Apex 40% (2-0 IMT win)