NA LCS Week 6 Day 3 – tournament tips, odds and betting preview

General NA LCS summary

The NA LCS has been sticking towards a trend of higher seeded teams beating the ones below them. Especially in this best of three format, teams with less experience are going to lose to those with more experience, better line-ups and more knowledgeable coaching staff. As for this week, I feel as though the favourites are going to win. However, one should be careful with the NRG vs. C9 and CLG vs. P1 match-ups, as there could be potential upsets.

Day 3

Apex vs. TSM

Apex vs tsm

Mark my words, TSM are not going to make it through the season undefeated. And it is only a matter of time before a lucky individual bets on the team that will defeat them before playoffs.

Sadly for Apex, it is highly unlikely that they will derail the TSM hype train. But much rather, they’re in line to get trampled over for a second time. Apex looked extremely weak in their match against Phoenix 1; making a lot of poor decisions, losing the tower push race and ultimately the series. If Apex cannot beat Phoenix 1 at their best, then how will they possibly matchup against TSM.

Apex can be described as a team of individual talent, mix-and-matched experience and an inability to play as a unit. You’ll see what I mean:

  • Shrimp is involved in the least amount of first bloods’ of all NA LCS junglers
  • Apex has the second most amount of team deaths; Phoenix 1 beats them marginally
  • Only take first dragon and other dragons 38% of the time
  • Most teams beat them in terms of baron control, gold leads at 15 and first to take 3 towers

Statistically speaking, Apex have a lot of macro work to polish on. Unfortunately they are against the best team in NA and should they demonstrate any weaknesses, TSM is sure to take advantage of them.

Prediction: Apex 30% | TSM 70% (2-0 TSM victory)

The Bet: High on TSM

NRG vs. Cloud 9

nrg vs c9

Cloud 9 – as a team contending for a top spot in playoffs and looking to represents North America at Worlds would seriously be pissed off for going 0-2 last week. They are without a doubt looking to bounce back strongly this week, especially against weaker teams like NRG.

While C9 have been dropping the ball lately in terms of winning, they’ve been placed against formidable teams like Immortals and TSM. In my opinion C9 is a very consistent team that only face adversity when they are up against tough opponents that out-play their shot calling and play making abilities.

I wouldn’t entirely rule NRG out of the equation; however, they have struggled against higher seeded teams this split. In fact, the only team they’ve managed to beat is Phoenix 1 and Echo Fox.

With C9 working extremely hard to pick up more wins and place higher this summer split, I highly doubt they are going to drop a game against NRG.

Prediction: NRG 40% | Cloud 9 60% (2-0 C9 Victory)

The Bet: Medium on favourites

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Phoenix 1

clg vs phoenix

Phoenix 1 picked up their first win this season! I honestly believe that they are not as bad as they seem despite their awful 1W – 9L standing. A shining star in their awful run thus far is Mash and Pirean. These two players are very consistent despite losing majority of their games. There are times in which Mash maintains a decent cs lead with 0 deaths and still manages to lose.

As much as I want to see P1 perform well and grow as a team, they are against very tough and angry opponents. CLG are sitting in the bottom half of the standings, and absolutely struggling to pick up wins against NA’s top 5. While it is expected for CLG to pick up an easy 2-0 victory against P1, the way they’ve played against other teams demonstrates a lot of weaknesses that even P1 could take advantage of.

Overall, CLG should win in this best of three series. With Darshan heavily outclassing Zig, Xmithie as a much more impactful jungler than Inori, all under the leadership and playmaking of Aphromoo; even if CLG play at their worst, P1 simply lacks the experience to beat CLG.

Prediction: CLG 60% | P1 40%

The Bet: CLG are clear-cut favourites, however P1 might take it to game 3

Liquid vs. Echo Fox

liquid vs echofox

Liquid have been playing extremely well, especially since the introduction of Fabbbyyy to their line-up. Liquid deserves a round-of-applause after winning the early game against C9, but had to remake the game due to a knock-up bug. With a great deal of leadership from Dardoch and mental fortitude from the whole squad, they won the series despite losing the first game.

Echo Fox are having a lot of problems this split. And in all honesty, as much as Rick Fox wants to make his players ‘champions’ he is better off replacing Big, Hard and potentially KFO with different Korean imports, previous LCS players or NA challenger players. Because with the way it is currently looking, a lot of Echo Fox players are not playing at the highest level and do not posses the capabilities of becoming that.

Liquid should be able to win this series, especially with how much they are improving.

Predictions: Liquid 70% | Echo Fox 30%

The Bet: Medium on Liquid