NA LCS Week 7 Day 1-3 – tournament tips, odds and betting preview


The NA LCS continues a strong trend of higher seeded teams beating those positioned lower. While it is very easy to identify this week’s favourites, we must once again approach the match ups with caution and keep an eye out for those that could be potential up-sets/very close calls.

For match-ups that are very safe with minimum risk I would recommend taking a look at:

  • Immortals vs. CLG (Recommend betting on Map 1 and/or Map 2)
  • Echo Fox vs. TSM (Recommend betting on Map 1 and/or Map 2)
  • Immortals vs. Echo Fox (Also recommend betting on the Maps)

My personal favourite match-up that has some risk/reward is:

  • Cloud 9 vs. CLG (Would recommend a bet for C9 to take the series, despite being the underdogs)

For those who like to live life on the edge (but in a smart way):

  • Phoenix 1 vs. NRG (Either team works, both are risky, both are at the bottom of the standings, P1 has a lot of momentum, NRG (on paper) are much better)
  • NRG vs. Team Envy (Medium bet for Team Envy)
  • Cloud 9 vs. Apex (Medium bet for C9)
  • Liquid vs. TSM (If TSM lose to Echo Fox, make a small bet for Liquid to take the series (although I highly doubt that Liquid will win))

Day 1

Immortals vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Immortals vs clg

Immortals and TSM are in the driving seat of the NA LCS, bulldozing any team that come before them. While TSM have been very polished in their plays since week 1, Immortals have been ramping up their gameplay abilities and improving by the day. With much cleaner and faster games, as well as more 2-0 victories, I feel as though the Immortals we knew at the beginning of the split is a different team to the one we see today.

CLG on the other hand are demonstrating a mix and match of their former selves. While their team is still heavily split push orientated, they are not receiving as many benefits from this strategy as they did in the previous season. Darshan is dying far too much in the side-lanes, while CLG aren’t able to capitalise on Darshan’s deaths.

While CLG are picking up some wins here and there, they still haven’t proved to me that they are play-off worthy. With the NA LCS standings demonstrating a great degree of consistency, such that higher tiered teams generally win against lower ones, Immortals should come out with a confident win.

Prediction: Immortals 60% | Counter Logic Gaming 40%

Bet: Medium on IMT; current odds are decent value with minimum downside

Day 2

Echo Fox vs. TSM

echo fox vs tsm

Echo Fox are falling into an embarrassing slump. And yet at the very back of my mind I ask myself, “Could they possibly pick up at least one win against TSM; like they did last time?”

Last week, Echo Fox lost their match against Phoenix 1. To which a large majority of LCS fans, Betting Sites and Pro players themselves speculated that Echo Fox should claim their second victory of the summer split. However, it is very unlikely that Echo Fox will be the ones creating the upset this time, as both their individual and team play has been extremely poor.

TSM should be able to dismantle Echo Fox from the moment minions spawn. With veteran understanding of how to lane-swap, allocate resources in 1v2 situations and pushing advantages, a 2-0 victory is something that is very plausible. We also need to consider the fact that Echo Fox, despite being very bad, did put TSM fans in a nerve racking 1-1 situation back in week 5. This goes along with TSM’s mentality that they shouldn’t be dropping easy games to weak teams and winning hard fought victories against stronger ones.

Overall, TSM are going to dominate Echo Fox. Enough said.

Prediction: Echo Fox 20% | TSM 80%

Bet: Perhaps consider bets on Map 1 and Map 2 winners (for TSM of course)

NRG Esports vs. Team Envy

nrg vs envy

NRG and Team Envy are following the NA LCS trend of easily winning matches against weaker teams while getting stomped by the likes of those higher than them.

Team Envy have entered into a slump after being unable to have any impactful games on tougher opponents like CLG and Immortals. The team itself is having some troubles when it comes to team cohesion and utilizing the individual talent of their members. Team Envy crumble under circumstances in which more experienced teams overwhelm them with map pressure and proactive plays. However, this will not be the case against NRG Esports.

Team Envy have the upper hand when it comes to showing us that they’re more capable of winning this match-up. They’ve historically and consistently picked up games against teams in the bottom half of the standings, and roster wise, they out-class NRG.

Prediction: NRG 40% | Team Envy 60%  (2-0 Team Envy)

Day 3

Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming

c9 vs clg

Amidst the chaos and hardship of the NA LCS, C9 and CLG are seeking redemption. Redemption for performing poorly, redemption to be more than just a meme, redemption for breaking FreeLG, the list goes on. Both C9 and CLG have shown us that they are capable of defeating bottom tier teams, but struggle against the likes of TSM and Immortals. This match is a huge step forward for the victor and a punch to the gut for the loser.

Betting sites have the odds in favour for CLG, which I believe is very wrong. CLG have shown a lot of weakness in their signature split push tactics. C9 is a much more well rounded team, with better mechanics, better players and a better past-performance. While CLG have demonstrated many hiccups on both a team and individual level, particularly from Darshans recent dying spree in the top lane, Huhi’s garbage mechanics and a weaker-than-expected bot lane, C9 should be positioned to give CLG a run for their money.

Prediction: Cloud 9 55% | CLG 45%  (2-1 C9)

Immortals vs. Echo Fox

Immortals vs echo fox

If you’ve finished watching Echo Fox vs. TSM and you didn’t get enough of watching a top tier team waffle stomp Echo Fox, then you’ve come to the right place. Echo Fox’s line-up is in dire need of refurbishment; despite subbing in old-school challenger series jungler ‘Kez’. With little if not no improvement made in the past couple of weeks, Echo Fox is dropping game after game after game.

When it comes to beating lower tier teams like NRG, P1, Echo Fox and Apex, Immortals is where you should put your money. I feel like Immortals is the best newbie crushing team in the NA LCS. While the odds are heavily for the Immortals, one can gain more return while minimizing their risk by betting for the winners of each map rather than the series.

Predictions: Immortals 70% | Echo Fox 30% (2-0 Immortals)

Bet: Medium Immortals Map 1 and/or Map 2