NA LCS Week 7 Day 1 Full Preview & Predictions

Week 7 of the NA LCS approaches and here is the exclusive preview for Day 1’s matches. Can Dignitas upset Cloud 9? Does CLG have what it takes to beat the Immortals? Will NRG be able to beat the Renegades?

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Team Impulse vs Team Liquid – NA LCS – Week 7 – Day 1 – Preview

G2 Team Impulse vs Team Liquid ARE matched up against each other for the NA LCS Round 7 Day 1 game to be held Saturday February 27, 2016 at 12pm PT.

Team impulse








Feng : Lourlo
Procxin : Dardoch
Pirean : Fenix
Mash : Piglet
Gate : Matt

Both TIP and TL are trying to get into playoffs. TL are tied sitting at 6th placeand desperately need a win to secure their position, as Echo Fox are climbing rapidly. For TIP, a win will tie them with Liquid, and push them into playoffs contention.
On the side of TL, Lourlo has been their weak link. He is often camped by opposing junglers, and plays splitpush champions avoiding fights. However, Dardoch is extremely mechanically talented, and Piglet has been able to carry well, so they definitely have the potential to win. Fenix needs to step up, as recently he has had a somewhat unexciting showing, playing averagely, which could be what is holding TL back.

For TIP, at 4-8 they need to make it either into playoffs, or secure themselves 7th place to not be put into the promotion tournament. For them, Mash has performed well, and Gate, despite not being a support main for long, does play well, especially on champions like Alistar.

Overall, TL desperately need wins, meaning they could be more motivated to perform and get the win here, they are overall more mechanically skilled, so I expect them to be able to beat TIP, but it could be a close match.

Chance of victory: Team Impulse: 40% : Team Liquid: 60%

Echo Fox vs Team SoloMid NA LCS – Week 7 – Day 1 – Preview

Echo Fox vs Team SoloMid are matched up against each other for the NA LCS Round 7 Day 1 game to be held Saturday February 27, 2016 at 1pm PT.

Echo fox






Kfo : Hauntzer
Hard : Svenskeren
Froggen : Bjergsen
Keith : Doublelift
Big : Yellowstar

Echo Fox

Echo Fox are on the rise, and with Froggen and Keith back, they are looking like a strong team. Froggen is able to gain early leads, especially on champions like Corki, and Keith is able to carry the late game. However, their late game shotcalling isn’t perfect, as Big is very erratic and loud, which overshadows Froggen’s shotcalling, and could confuse his teammates.

Team Solomid

For TSM, after losing two winning games last week, they need to recuperate and find their form, and chase CLG and C9 who are tied in 2nd. Late game team fights and positioning is what caused them to lose their previous games, but with a week of practice, they may be able to fix these problems and come back strong this week.

Overall, the mid and AD carry roles will be the most influential roles, as all 4 players are carry players, meaning junglers will be needed to help snowball, but whether Svenskeren or Hard will cause that remains to be seen.

Chance of victory: Echo Fox: 45% : Team Solomid: 55%

Immortals vs Counter Logic Gaming – NA LCS – Week 7 – Day 1 – Preview

Immortals vs Counter Logic Gaming are matched up against each other for the NA LCS Round 7 Day 1 game to be held Saturday February 27, 2016 at 2pm PT.









Huni : Darshan
Reignover : Xmithie
Pobelter : Huhi
WildTurtle : Stixxay
Adrian : Aphromoo


CLG are the first team really going to bring it to Immortals. After they played a poor early game against Renegades last week, Immortals have shown some weaknesses that CLG could exploit. As a team, they play the lane swap game very well, and doing so reduces both jungler’s impact in the game, benefitting CLG.


For Immortals, they just need to patch up some early game mistakes and they’ll return to their top form. It is likely that their early game scare against Renegades will whip them back into shape. I expect that, as with most of their previous games, Huni and Reignover will carry the early game, and allow WildTurtle and Pobelter do deal consistent damage in the late game, allowing them to come out on top.

Overall, while the game is sure to be close, Immortals should come out on top due to their great synergy and macro play overall.

Chance of victory: Immortals: 65% : Counter Logic Gaming: 35%

NRG Esports vs Renegades – NA LCS – Week 7 – Day 1 – Preview

NRG Esports vs Renegades are matched up against each other for the NA LCS Round 7 Day 1 game to be held Saturday February 27, 2016 at 3pm PT.









Impact : RF Legendary
Moon : Crumbz
GBM : Alex Ich
LOD : Freeze
KonKwon : Hakuho


NRG are currently on a slippery slope, sitting at 6-6 they’ve dropped in the standings in recent weeks, and need to stop falling further. Altec, their previous AD carry has decided to step down, after performing poorly compared to others in that position. Moon also needs to perform, as his play has been somewhat lacking in the past few weeks.


On Renegades’ side, they desperately need wins in order to get out of 10th place, which comes with auto relegation. However, they are 3 wins behind 8th place. They may be able to exploit the new AD carry of NRG, LOD and take advantage of his lack of experience on NRG to get a lead. Against Immortals last week, their early game was strong, so replicating that and snowballing harder in mid game, may allow them to get a victory.

Over all, NRG have better laners, in GBM and Impact, so I expect them to be able to gain a lead and get another win to boost them up the standings, I don’t see much chance for Renegades here.

Chance of victory: NRG Esports: 70% : Renegades: 30%

Cloud9 vs Team Dignitas – NA LCS – Week 7 – Day 1 – Preview

Cloud9 vs Team Dignitas are matched up against each other for the NA LCS Round 7 Day 1 game to be held Saturday February 27, 2016 at 4pm PT.

Cloud 9






Balls : Billyboss
Rush : Kirei
Jensen : Shiphtur
Sneaky : Apollo
Hai : KiwiKid

Both these teams were able to come back from a deficit last week. Hai’s legendary shotcalling was able to keep C9 in the game, and for Dignitas, they were able to exploit positional weaknesses in their opponent.

Cloud 9

For Cloud9, Jensen has been absolutely on point recently, creating his own advantages and dealing consistent damage in fights. And Balls’ Gankplank game turned the game around against TSM. If they can clean up their early game, they won’t need to play from behind which may allow them to have a lead and snowball. However, as a team, C9 place the least amount of wards, and kill the least amount per game, meaning their vision game is weaker than all other teams.


On Dig’s side, Billyboss has been very good on tanks such as Malphite, allowing him to be the main engage works well for Dignitas. Shiphtur and Apollo are fantastic at carrying when given a lead, always dealing damage and making plays.
Overall, Hai’s shotcalling and Jensen and Sneaky’s play should allow C9 to get a win here, but their lack of vision could be exploited.

Chance of victory: Cloud 9: 60% : Team Dignitas: 40%

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