NA Playoffs Day 1- C9 vs Envy – tournament tips, odds and betting preview

Cloud 9 vs Team Envy

c9 vs Envy

NA playoffs are finally kicking off; pulling together some of our favourite teams as they battle it out for a ticket to worlds this year. We kick-start Day 1 of playoffs with Cloud 9 vs. Team Envy.

Cloud 9 are flying into playoffs as the number 3 seed vsing Team Envy that finished a measly 6th place. C9 are backed by a lot of momentum, having gone 2-0 for the past two weeks of the regular season, and beating Team Envy in both of their encounters throughout the split.

Looking back at Cloud 9’s previous weeks, they knocked down both Team Envy and Team Liquid 2-0. Through their strong performances, I see a conviction, confidence and trust in this mix-and-match of old and new c9 veterans. C9 are able to win games convincingly, with strong performances from the whole squad. We’re seeing this squad peaking in performance and mechanics, with special mentions to:

  • Highly impactful Meteos ganks throughout the early and mid-game. Meteos brings about pressure that needs to be respected. He provides his team mates with early game leads through strong mechanics, especially through Gragas’ flash body slam. His last couple of weeks has given rise to very high KDAs and kill participation.
  • Solid performances from Jensen. He comfortably sits as a top 3 or top 2 NA mid-laner in my opinion. He possess a large range of meta champs to suit his teams play style and composition. Jensen also happens to be one of the best farms in the LCS.
  • Impact plays toe-to-toe with any top laner.
  • Sneaky has been poppin off on Ashe and Jhin, which provides a high degree of utility and versatility in C9’s team compositions.

All in all, the C9 squad are looking very good and will most likely give TSM a run for their money in the semi-finals.

Team Envy was described as a “rookie team worthy of a playoff position; a mechanically talented squad that needed polishing to take the top spot”. The past couple of weeks have shown a team that is not only lacking that “polish” but is eroding under the improvements made by other teams.

In the last couple of weeks, Envy’s powerhouse Koreans Procxin, Seraph and Ninja are heavily underperforming. They’re dying more, getting outclassed in both macro and individual play and, to put it simply, just playing plain bad. What’s been keeping Envy alive in the last couple of weeks is their ability to play around the solidity of LOD. With the whole squad leaning towards more supportive champions like Karma mid, Morgana support as well as heavy CC and peel by the likes of Gragas and Lissandra, the whole squad rotates around their marksman.

Overall, Team Envy aren’t showing enough “oomph” in their gameplay to knockdown the favourites. Especially when games are in a best of five format, Team Envy possess neither the mental fortitude nor the mechanical skill and team cohesion that C9 have been working their assess to obtain.

Prediction: Cloud 9 65% | Team Envy 35%

I’m feeling a solid 3-1 at the very least from Cloud 9