NA Playoffs Day 2- CLG vs Liquid – tournament tips, odds and betting preview

Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid

clg vs liquid

A quality match-up between two polarised forces; one seeking to break away from the 4th place curse, and one seeking to defend their former glory. We are faced with a brain-racking dilemma; should either team lose this match-up, they will neither have the opportunity to defend their championship position, nor finish fourth place.

The reality of this match-up is that it is going to be extremely close and the odds are going to show for that matter. Both CLG and Liquid have been very volatile in the last couple of weeks, both being unable to contend against TSM and Immortals, having some tight matches against Cloud 9 and losing games to Apex and Phoenix1.

CLG and Liquid have both shined amidst the chaos of the summer split showcasing some world-class potential through both individual play and team cohesion. But at the same time, through both underperforming individual play and poor team decisions finish in a justified 4th and 5th place finish.

My take on CLG is that:

  • Darshan can be a great split-pusher, he’s also a great in a one-on-one matchup and plays decently from behind. But more recently, he’s been outclassed in the top lane, subject to numerous ganks and is unable to deal with being underfarmed and underleveled.
  • Xmithie is hard to read. He’s sometimes aggressive, but other times, he tunnels on farming. At times, he makes well timed ganks and demonstrates classy mechanics, but we’ve also seen him miss ultis and die like no tomorrow.
  • I really don’t like Huhi. He’s just a middle of the pack player that demonstrates nothing special, with more downside than upside. He might have a highlight reel of a couple of seconds, but he’s not nothing to justify being on one of the biggest organisations in NA.
  • The CLG bot-lane is pretty solid.

Liquid also have a lot of similar qualities to CLG, they’re as strong as they are weak. My thoughts are as follows:

  • Lourlo has been a quiet one. While he doesn’t stand out both on stage and in his statistics, he … goes all right. He should have a very even matchup against Darshan.
  • Dardoch is the saving grace of Liquid. He’s aggressive, he’s consistent, he’s the team’s leader and he tries his hardest to snowball his lanes. CLG run the risk that Dardoch will overpower Xmithie and outclass him at ganking.
  • Fenix is also the unsung hero for Liquid. He’s farms well, does damage, maintains a good KDA, a decent kill participation and represents a big chunk of his teams damage. Fenix does his job and he does it well.
  • The Liquid bot lane is a huge problem; particularly their new downgrade Fabbbyyy. While he does have a very average laning phase, his team fighting abilities are extremely poor in a sense that he lacks the play making potential that other AD’s posses. Fabbbyyy sits at the bottom of rankings in terms of damage dealt, CS per minute and % of teams damage.

It’s going to be a super close series, perhaps one that will go to game five. While I do feel like CLG have the better fundamentals, I do believe Liquid have some serious upset potential. Logically, I predict a CLG victory (3-2) but my heart is telling me that Liquid will advance to the semi-finals against Immortals.

Prediction: N/A (too close to call fellas)