“Nahaz” is now Complexity’s new coach

“Nahaz” a former Dota 2 caster and statistician, will now be siding with Complexity as their new coach.

Nahaz is an extremely well educated individual who is without a doubt one of the greatest analysis in the Esports industry throughout all the major games. This great analysis most likely came from the fact that he is a professor of economics in the University of Western Ontario, London. Nahaz is a very well known name even though he hasn’t been a caster for long. He posses great ability to analyze games and comment on action live with great in-depth commentary.

This is Complexity’s first coach, and he has extremely high expectations not only from the team but also the gaming community. Complexity is a great team, however, they have previously lacked a coach which would otherwise be able to review in game footage from a non player perspective which may be much more useful.

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By recruiting Nahaz, there is no doubt that Complexity will definitely climb the ranks in Dota 2 and allow players to concentrate more on the game without having to worry about reviewing all the footage. As a professor, it is expected he will be able to coach these young individuals with ease and able to guide them not only in game, but help them in everyday life.