Naiman wins the EU Winter Championship – Hearthstone

Naiman crowned winner of the EU Winter Championship

Ole “Naiman” Batyrbekov has won the European Winter championship, receiving a large prize of $25,000 USD along with a direct spot in the Hearthstone 2016 Blizzcon event!

Naiman 2

Naiman held steady wins throughout the whole Winter Championship, with his only loss surprisingly to BunnyHoppor in the qualifiers. Naiman has been known to be fairly inconsistent with his matches, with his 2015 track record being a mixture of spectacular wins and complete losses.

For the Grand final, Naiman was able to defeat DrHippi 3-2.

Naiman used his Face Hunter deck for his first win, Freeze Mage for his second win and his Midrange paladin to secure his title as the 2016 EU Winter champion. His final Mid range Paladin deck struggled the most, losing 2 matches to DrHippi’s Face Hunter and Mid range Druid, it was certainly a pressure filled last match.

Naiman 1

This win has definitely redeemed his status as a Hearthstone pro, as speculations last year of him win trading resulted in his account being permanently banned and he was kicked from team Dignitas.

All the decks Naiman used in this tournament are listed below!

Naiman deck 1Naiman deck 2Naiman deck 3Naiman deck 4