Nasus “Q” Stacks all worth +6!

In the Patch 6.12 notes, Riot has announced they will be doubling the stacking effect from 3 to 6 in Howling Abyss


Now for every minion killed by Nasus’s “Q”, will now give Nasus 6 stacks on his Siphoning Strike ability.

Nasus buff

Note that this flat stack rate of “+6” will only to the Howling Abyss map, so if you’ve considered immediately maining Nasus after patch notes, that’s unfortunate. But don’t worry, Nasus is still a hella strong champion in normal games, so if you want to main Nasus and carry your team, go for it!

Infernal Nasus

Riot’s explanation for this move was because champions with stacking abilities were fairly weak in these modes, and they needed some help for them to become viable.

Other champion buffs in the Howling Abyss are Thresh and Bard.

Thresh has his passive doubled, where each soul collected are now worth 2 souls.

Thresh buff

Bard’s passive got buffed where his passive Traveler’s Call are spawned every 40 seconds, instead of the normal 50 seconds.

Bard buff