NaVi Move on to the Semifinals


NaVi won against NIP 2-0 in the quarterfinals. The CIS team were dominating right from the start of the game as they got two of their better maps; Mirage and Inferno. While Inferno might not be counted as their best map right now, they still managed a very convincing 13-2 half on it.

Game one’s map was Inferno. The first half started off with NaVi leading and closing out all the kills. Guardian and Flamie were definitely on point with their aim as they steamrolled over NIP in the matchup. NaVi moved on to the second half where they lost a few rounds as NIP tried to stage a comeback. However it wasn’t long before NaVi were able to claw back the 3 rounds needed to win.


The second match, on Mirage was a repeat of the first match as NaVi just never let the ball drop. NaVi’s performance was simply stellar with all the players turning up for the game. NIP’s performance on the other hand looked quite the opposite of what we saw from them yesterday, they were just rushing into sites without any smokes and flashes to back them up. NIP bowed out quite early in the match.


With this win NaVi move on to face the winner of Astralis and Fnatic tomorrow in the semi finals.