NaVi quits Hearthstone


NaVi.G2A have announced their parting from their Hearthstone roster.




When the contracts with Na`Vi were signed, the guys had already been prominent players with a number of titles. However, nobody knew how the World Championship and the upcoming gaming season will do. Fortunately our players turned to be those who got into right place in right time. Straight after the contract conclusion Sweden Sebastian “Ostkaka” Engwall won the World Championship of Blizzard, and DenmarkFrederik “Hoej” Nielsen got to top 3 of DreamHack Winter 2015.


Germany Sebastian “Xixo” Bentert didn’t fall behind his teammates. He was the exemplar of diligence, resourcefulness and confidence. Over the past season he has won StarLadder i-LeagueeSports Arena Invitational and several more tournaments and became the best player of the world according to Korea, Republic of Jung Soo “Surrender” Kim is one of the best players of Korea and Asian Region.


Sweden Sebastian “Ostkaka” Engwall after the victory at the World Championship


The team is the strongest in the world, which is honour. Over the past season our players have become one step closer to the status of “living legend”. Despite the success of Hearthstone division Natus Vincere G2A decided not to prolong the contracts with the players and focus on other divisions instead. The decision was really hard, as nobody wants to part with the world’s best squad, however, sometimes you need to sacrifice the best to keep moving.


eSports Director Na`Vi G2A Ukraine Eugene “HarisPilton” Zolotarev:


“It is sad to inform that we’ve decided not to prolong the contracts with our Hearthstone team. However, we want to focus our resources and efforts on the top disciplines, basing on the region, where our main fan base is located. Nevertheless, it was very pleasant to work with the guys. We can surely say that the year of our presence in the discipline was successful.


I’d like to express my gratitude to two Sebastians, Frederik and Jung Soo for the time we spent together and their attitude to our work. It was very pleasant to work with you. You are the true professionals. Since the players remain with Na`Vi till the end of September, our main task is to help them find good and stable organizations. We will put every effort to do it”.


The Manager of Hearthstone team Ukraine Andrew “kimi” Kvasnievsky:


“Though I’ve worked only for 5 months with the guys, I feel like they’re my family. First of all, on behalf of the organization and myself I’d like to express gratitude to the players for always presenting Na`Vi at the highest level, for always being professionals regardless the matter. Unfortunately, we are forced not to continue our cooperation. But who knows? We might work together in future! Go, guys! You are born to win!”


Germany Sebastian “Xixo” Bentert:


“While we’re sad about our time on Na`Vi ending we have no regrets. We had a great year with them, winning multiple majors, including Ostkaka’s win at the World Championship at Blizzcon. We want to thank Na`Vi for their support and wish them best of luck in the future. As for us, we will consider options for the future. We plan on staying together as a team of 4 and will search for a new organisation to represent. For our Na`Vi fans we hope you will stay fan of both, Na`Vi and us. Hoej and I will try our best to find a good ending of our time on Na`Vi at Dreamhack Bucharest. Cheers!”


Denmark Frederik “Hoej” Nielsen:


“Couldn’t wish for a better team to represent this last year. NA’VI is a great organisation and really enjoyed playing for them. But everything has to come to an end. I still love Hearthstone and will keep playing it competitively. Wanna thank NA’VI and my teammates for a  great year.”


The last tournament for XiXo and Hoej as Na`Vi representatives will be DreamHack Bucharest, to be held in Romania’s capital city on 16-18 September. See the achievements of the players when they were part of Natus Vincere.


The achievements of Na`Vi G2A Hearthstone roster:


  • top 1 place at 2015 Hearthstone World Championship
  • top 1 place at Sports Arena Invitational
  • top 1 place at WePlay Hearthstone League
  • top 1 place at FlowEsports Finals
  • top 1 place at SL i-L StarSeries Season 2
  • top 2 place at Hearthstone Champions League Season 2
  • top 3 place at OGN Hearthstone Seoul Cup World Invitational
  • top 3 place at DreamHack Summer 2016
  • top 3 place at Copenhagen Games Spring 2016
  • top 3 place at DreamHack Winter 2015
  • top 3 place at Wombology Invitational #1
  • top 3 place at CN vs EU Championship 2016
  • top 3 place at The Curse Trials