NaVi vs Astralis– ESL Tips, Odds and Preview

NaVi vs Astralis – Overpass


Overpass is a map that is definitely favoring Astralis historically. But recently in their matches they have not been too good especially on Overpass. They have maintained close wins against weaker Tier two teams. Their performance levels on Overpass stems from a confidence on the map that no one would generally be able to defeat them on. Astralis general form also has been in doubt and it would not surprise me to see them play not so good here. This map might be close and somewhat more than the CT sides of the team’s ti is the T sides that will become more important. Astralis are known to play aggressive on the A site and have constant rotations for the CT sides. Their mind games will be the main match here as aim wise neither team is way ahead of the other.


NaVI on the other hand have not played much since their last LAN finals. Their latest results include going to the finals of the major and consistently finishing amongst the top four of many lan tournaments. They have not played many online matches but that is due to it being a vacation period for the csgo scene. Overpass has usually been better for them than Mirage.They prefer playing really aggressive on A long with NaVI Guardian playing really good on it. He manages to hold off A site with considerable ease even against much better opponents. Flamie on B site is a beast to watch out for as he consistently get multiple kills in a single round.


Astralis is slowly beginning to slump on this particular map. While it remains one of their strongest maps till now, NaVi definitely have been known to be an amazing team on the map.A bet on NaVi seems to be smart considernig the odds


The Prediction : 55%-45% Astralis.

The Bet : Low on NaVI.