NaVi vs CyberZen – StarLadder Tips, Odds and Preview

NaVi vs CyberZen


NaVi is a Tier One team. They have been consistently competing with the tier one teams in CSGO and they have had close matches against many. During the Last Major, they even reached the finals and lost to EnVyUs in the finals.With a lineup boasting of some legends in Guardian, Edward and the likes they defintily do not lack the


Cyberzen for their part were just able to manage a win over Tyloo in the finals of the Qualifiers for Starladder. Their LAN performance was much better than their online performance in the qualifiers. They were pretty much being constantly defeated by Tyloo throughout the online season. However their performance significantly improved during the LAN version of the qualifiers and it showed as they qualified for the Finals.The only team they lost maps to during the qualifiers was against Tyloo. But their level of opponents was way below that of other EU teams and NaVi’s skill level is way higher than Tyloo / CZEN’s.


NaVi should be able to win this match quite easily. Their map pool is very deep in order not to be threatened by a lower tier and inexperienced team ( comparatively). The tournament is Starladder and historically Starladder has always been a home tournament for NaVi.


The Prediction : 85%-15% for NaVi.


The Bet : NaVI is a good bet for this match..