NaVi vs Echofox | E League Group E Semi Finals | Tips Odds and Previews


NaVi and Echofox are matched up against each other in the Semi finals of E League Group E to be held on the 23rd of June 2016 at 20:00 CEST

This match is a best of three matchup between NaVI and EchoFox. I know Echofox managed to upset NaVi during the Group stage on Dust2, but tbh that was a case of NaVI playing their first LAN match since Starladder. NaVI have always been shaky in their performances overseas after extended periods of time. The map was Dust2, which is fairly a common map for most of the North American teams.


EchoFox, however have not been walkovers in this tournament. They did lose 0-2 to Mouz, but with respectable score-lines of 16-12; 16-13. The roster has a lot of experience but lacks significant form. Shahzam missing most of his shots definitely puts his team in a lagging position.


The current odds stand at around 90%-10% in favor of NaVi. While the odds are not agreeable due to the sheer nature of the roster in Echofox, the current form sort of justifies it.


The Prediction : 80%-20% NaVI

The Bet: Medium on NaVI, expect Echofox to stand a decent chance to win one map.