NIP vs Godsent – Dreamhack Malmo – Tips, Odds and Preview

Dreamhack Malmo

NIP and Godsent are matched up against each other in the DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016 to be held on the 16th of April 2016 at 15:00 CET.



The local skirmish between the two Swedish teams is going to be electric. The crowd has already shown us how loud they can get.


Godsent has surprised all of us especially with the way they have been playing. Of course the whole team has been performing admirably well, but we can see the Pronax effect really lifting this team.

The aggressive stance at mid on Mirage won them multiple important rounds at the end of the match. Even when mouz were aware of it, Pronax continued to do so and lost the advantage. However after losing 2 members for one, Pauf again pushed down mid and provided a very fast flank which helped them a lot in the last round.


Eventually it did come down to the aim and twist, lekro were definitely performing. The team relies a lot of the IGL capabilities of Pronax. They definitely have not been disappointed so far.


They will be facing off against the Ninjas. NIP have looked strong especially when compared to their previous iteration. Their tactical approach to the matches and smokes and flashes definitely was missing from their gameplay for a long time.


They also do a detailed study of their opponents as could be seen by their cautious approach to the rounds yesterday Virtus Pro who are known for aggressively pushing down certain sections of the map.


Certain pointers for both the teams :



  • Players hitting their shots
  • The leadership of Pronax is refreshing and aggressive. The team seems to have a similar mentality of the 2015 Fnatic right now.
  • NIP would probably have not studied Godsent as much.
  • Definitely have a local support (the stadium was vibrating from all those Godsent chants)
  • Godsent’s vetoes don’t really suggest much. It does seem they are well versed on most maps considering that they have only been banning maps according to their opponents.


  • More experienced players.
  • They have been playing against much better teams (Virtus Pro, Astralis, Dignitas )
  • Their approach to Godsent depends entirely on Threat’s research
  • NIP have a synergy to their gameplay which is very nice to watch. Clearing out sites and making sure there is no backstab, are all minor details but help them to win rounds with ease.
  • However they did look flustered on the Cache CT side yesterday as nothing that they were doing was working for them. That being said we were seeing a lot of arrogant pushes and aggressive plays without proper backup from them in the initial rounds.
  • NIP get right definitely is struggling as he is not able to hit many shots.


Overall I have to slightly favor NIP as they are the more experienced team. Boh the teams seem to be OK with playing all maps and it will come down to individual gameplay in the end. Twist will be the X factor for Godsent to watch out for. NIP will need their stars (Get_right and Forest ) to fire on all cylinders. Surprisingly it’s been Xizr and Friberg who have been way more consistent and the pillars of the team


My bet : I’m taking a risk and going medium on NIP.

If we see Cache and Cobblestone in the mix, NIP should have a field day. I don’t think Inferno should be allowed into the pool by NIP. They did not look strong on it despite knowing all the smokes.