NaVi vs Flipside | E League Group E Finals | Tips Odds and Previews



NaVI and Flipside are matched up against each other in the Group Stage Finals of E League Group E to be held on the 25th of June 2016 at 22.15 EDT


NaVi in this tournament have had best of one wins over Flipside, Echofox. Their only best of three so far was against Echofox which they won quite easily 2-0. However that being said NaVi still have not looked their best in this tournament so far. Their performance ( especially Guardianś ) has been below their normal level of gameplay. NaVI are a top level team and along with their aim, their vast map pool always plays as an advantage to them. NaVi only have one weak map per se, thats Cache. However this can be considered a weakness only against another team which has a strong map pool. That is not Flipside.


Flipsideś current roster is probably the weakest roster they have ever had. However they also have produced some deep runs into tournaments in the recent past including this one, where they reached the finals. Flipside have a decent showing so far in some maps such as Train, Overpass, Cobblestone and the 1 loss, 1 win on Nuke. But when you compare these maps to those of NaVI, these are some of the strongest maps for NaVI. Indeed in the last two best of oneś that these teams played, NaVi won both the matches ( on Train and Overpass) 16-8. That shows the superior aim of the NaVi roster.


The Current odds however are too low for Flipside. Despite them already losing in two best of ones earlier, this being a best of three a favorable veto might work to an advantage for Flipside. Ofcourse NaVi should still be favored to win here, but the odds dont warrant a bet on them for such a low reward


Edit:  The maps are Train, Mirage and OVerpass. Overpass and Train are the maps that NaVi has already defeated Flipside on before this week. However MIrage which used to be a better map for NaVI has fallen off the top maps for them. Flipside on the other hand has always historically been good on MIrage and its a comfort map for them. Looking at the maps, it seems Flipside chose Mirage while NaVi chose Train ( considering they have been beasts on it so far)


So the expectation is for a 2-1 NaVI, but the bet would be a low bet on Flipside cause odds.


The Prediction : 73%-27% NaVI

The Bet : Low on Flipside