NaVI vs LG – MLG Columbus Major – Tips, Odds and Preview

MLG Columbus

Navi and LG are matched up against each other in the MLG Columbus Major to be held on the 4th of April 2016 at 18:30 CET.


  • NaVi have displayed confident gameplay coming into this tournament. Despite being a team that relies on Guardian to do most of the fragging they have been winning matches even when Guardian has not been on top of his game.
  • Their performance against Astralis on Inferno (one of the worst maps for NaVi) in the semifinals was a solid match for the CIS team.
  • On Dust2, NaVi were able to demolish Astralis. Now you have to consider that this is one of the better maps for Astralis. Being able to defeat them 16-6 on this map does speak volumes for their confidence and skill.
  • The team has been peaking for quite sometime now They have been continuously qualified for the finals of important LAN Tournaments and more often than not, they have won
  • NaVi’s better maps include Overpass, Mirage, Dust2 and Train. These are the four go-to Maps for the CIS team. Having a good map pool enables the team to be able to have a very good chance of receiving favourable maps due to the randomizer.


  • Luminosity Gaming have been able to put up a tough fight against the tier one teams consistently since Cluj Napoca.
  • The team has several good fraggers, who, along with their IGL Fallen’s amazing tactics have been able to win several matches.
  • But the team has also shown to be extremely nervous in the final rounds of matches and they seem to have problems in closing out maps.
  • LG’s map pool is diverse, but not as diverse as NaVi’s. They perform well on most of the maps such as Mirage, Overpass and Inferno. However these are pretty much the same maps that NaVi are perform well on.
  • Overall NaVi has the experience needed on such a big event and they have definitely been performing it looks like NaVi will win their first major

The Prediction : 60%-40% NaVi

The Bet : Medium NaVi