NaVi vs Mouz | E League Group E – Mirage and Cobblestone | Tips, Odds and Previews


NaVi vs Mouz  – Mirage and Cobblestone


NaVi and Mouz are matched up against each other in the Group Stage E of E League tournament to be held on the 21st of June 2016 at 22:40 CEST and 23:50 CEST

Betting on this matchup should be solely based on how the two teams perform in their previous matches against Echo Fox and Flipside respectively.


NaVi were a good Mirage team. They were one of the strongest teams on Mirage, however when they tried to revamp their map pool; they ended up overlooking quite a bit of Mirage. Other teams caught upto them in terms of Mirage. They are still decent on it and admittedly always better than most of the other teams; however they are not really undefeated anymore. Now NaVi as a team has not been playing too many matches recently, however it is necessary to notice that NaVi as a team have been known to be unreliable when playing after a big break.


Mouz on the other hand have runs for the period of their history. They either go good or bad and the streak continues. The current roster had somewhat bad matches recently and their performance has been disappointing ( except the 16-1 win over Gamers2, who were hot recently).But that win came off at the end of the streak of Gamers2.


The maps are Mirage and Cobblestone. Both the maps are good for both the teams. I want to say that a low bet on Mouz makes sense, however I feel that the NaVi roster would have already woken up by the time of this match. If they do experience an upset at the hands of Echo gox, they would want to actually restore some dignity and win some matches on Day 1


The Prediction : 65%-35% NaVi

The Bet : Medium NaVi on both the matches.  Out of the two maps, I would say Mouz has more chance on Mirage.