NaVi vs NIP – ESL One Cologne Day 2 Preview & Betting Predictions

NaVI and NIP are matched up against each other in the Group stage match of the Cologne Major to be held on the 6th of July 2016 at 13:30 CEST.

Ninjas in Pjamas

NaVi vs NIP is a very important match. Quite contrary to the previous prediction these two teams smashed their opponents yesterday. NaVi saw Guardian being back in form and his presence definitely put NaVi as one of the frontrunners during this Major.

Both these teams are fairly even in terms of aim. The maps would be very important in this match as we go forward.

Now NaVi are the higher seeds and hence they would be the one banning 3 maps. Let me try to guess the vetoes ;

  • NaVI ban Cache
  • NIP ban Overpass
  • NaVi ban Nuke
  • NIP ban Mirage
  • NaVi ban Cobblestone

That leaves Dust2 & Train. These maps are so good for both the teams. NaVI were fantastic on Train today while NIP were similar on Dust2.

NaVI have however shied away from playing Dust2 in their recent matches. Dust2 is Guardianś map and a map that he is extremely good on. However it would be fair to say that Dust2 is NIPś playground as well. Its their favorite map by far and their dominance on this map today just goes to show the level of comfort that the team has on Dust2.

Train is a good map for both teams. NaVi had a dominant CT side on Train today as they were up 13-2. However their T side was left wanting as they looked weak on the map. FLipside were showing a lot of respect for the CIS side and thats something that helped NaVi play. NIP if they would be playing NaVi on Train, we would see a lot more aggressive and surprise plays.

This match is very close. It is at best 55-45% for either team. If you ask me I would say it slightly favors NIP.

The Prediction : 55%-45% NIP

The Bet : Low on NIP. It is a very risky match as either team can win easily.