NaVi vs SK – ESL FinalsTips, Odds and Preview

NaVi vs SK – Train


NaVI and SK are matched up against each other in the ESL Group Stage Week one to be played at 20 :00 CET




NaVi have been beasts on Train. They won their last 4-5 matches on Train against amazing opponents in LG, Dignitas, Faze, VP etc. Train as a map is very impressive for them. Their Train holds are really passive yet very effective. They do not play like Fnatic, making information plays by pushing certain areas. However they are strong holders of the side of the map.




SK had a very dominant performance on Train yesterday. They played really well to win the map 16-2. That is partly due to the fact that their opponents had literally no clue how to play the map, but also due to the fact that SK are very well prepared on the map. Is it enough to defeat NaVi ? Maybe not. But the risk of betting on NaVi at increased odds probably would not be worth it


The Prediction : 70%-30% in favor of NaVi

The Bet :  ICB on SK

Risk : High