NaVi vs Virtus Pro – MLG Columbus Major – Tips, Odds and Preview

MLG ColumbusNaVI and Virtus Pro are matched up against each other in the MLG Columbus Major to be held on the 30th of March 2016 at 23:10 CET.



  • NaVI won their match over Cloud9 on Train. The map is definitely one of the best for NaVi and it shows in the final result.
  • NaVi won that match despite player Guardian underperforming. It was mainly due to the fact that Cloud9 just are not the same level as NaVi right now
  • NaVi’s preferred maps include Mirage, Overpass and Train. These preferences are similar to Virtus Pro’s.
  • The main point in this analysis is that Guardian was having a mediocre game. He was unable to win many duels and despite having a decent score, he did not make a huge impact.

Virtus Pro

  • Virtus Pro have come into this major in the midst a huge slump. They just look horrible right now and underperforming on several fronts.
  • Virtus Pro won their match against Gamers2 16-1 on the same map of Train. Usually Train is a decent map for Gamers2. However they were not able to score more than 1 round on the map against Virtus Pro.
  • Virtus Pro’s main advantage is that the entire team seemed to be performing well. All the players were within 2 frags of each other except Taz. However before you fault him for much, you should notice that he was the bomb carrier / support player for most of the rounds.
  • Virtus Pro will also have the added advantage of being the underdogs in this matchup. So the odds for a low bet on Virtus Pro would be really nice.

The prediction : 60%-40% NaVi

The bet : Low on Virtus Pro



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