NaVi : Winners of ESL One New York 2016

ESL One New York





The two teams are legends in CSGO. They fought their way to the top of the Swiss Format used at ESL One New York. Natus Vincere were undefeated so far in the tournament having been 3-0 so far. Their dominance in the tournament can be seen from the scorelines with which they have won their matches ( 16-9, 16-9 & 16-6 ). NaVi have seen Simple consistently perform throughout the group stages. Simple has been instrumental in his performance at ESL One New York.

Their opponents, Virtus Pro have had it rough at ESL. Their scoreboard was 3-2 in the Group stages, barely scraping it past some teams. The oldest roster in CSGO however is never a lineup to be scoffed at. Even at their lowest point there is immense respect for them amongst the CSGO community.


The two teams have met multiple times over the past matches. They have played a total of 74 matches. NaVI have won 33 while Virtus Pro won 41.



The Semi finals were fairly close with each semi final going to Map 3. Virtus Pro and NaVi were able to win their respective matches to proceed to the finals.



As we head to the finals we saw the veto system being predictable. NaVi and Virtus Pro both banned their standard bans in Cache and Dust2. You can check out the Veto process below :


The first map was Cobblestonecobblestone


This map was Virtus Pro’s pick. They utterly dominated NaVi on Cobblestone. Their B executes were very strong and to the point. There were some fantastic reads by the Polish roster as many times they avoided B stacks / A stacks. However as can be seen from the result, Virtus Pro dominated NaVI and won the first half 13-2. NaVI were simply unable to come back from that position.

The second map : Train



NaVi had given up on Cobblestone when the half ended. They had already been preparing for Train towards the later stages of first half of Cobblestone. Their 2nd map was quite the mirror of the first map. This time however it was NaVi with the dominating performance. They were up 12-3 up and even though Virtus Pro never gave up ( they managed 5 rounds towards the second half ); NaVI managed the win with a 16-8 scoreline.

Last map was Mirage.



Mirage is a map that both teams are very good on. They are extremely fluent on Mirage and there have been times in history when either team was the best team on Mirage. The battle for the trophy was splendid as the teams constantly went back and forth throughout the map. NaVI looked extremely dominant on their T side after switching sides at 8-7. The scoreline was soon 14-7 for NaVI. However Virtus Pro are not a team that gives up. They won the next 7 rounds to get the scoreline to 14-14. The match was extremely close and the frustration could be seen on Flamie’s face.

This map went to Overtime as is apt for a match-up on this scale. The Overtime ended in a Ninja defuse by NaVI to win the title. While we do congratulate NaVi for winning the tournament, the attitude and gameplay shown by the Polish roster is extremely important. They never gave up and came within 1 round of winning the tournament.

NaVi have been very unlucky in many of their recent tournaments. They have continuously reached the finals of many tournaments but have been unable to win the title. Guardian was especially emotional on stage as he was interviewed by Red_Eye.

Winning moments for NaVi :

Guardian getting emotional after win :