Neophyte vs SpaceSoldiers – Operation Kinguin Tips, Odds and Preview

Neophyte vs Space soldiers

Operation Kinguin

Neophyte has been decent in their recent matches. They have not won many matches but some of their score lines have been pretty close. Keep in mind, do not look at the LAN they played recently. They lost 0-3 in the Grand finals to Refuse, but  the scoreline was so drastic because it was a LAN and Neophyte is not really a LAN based will see both Neophyte and Space soldiers down one map. Space soldiers scorelines were 16-10 in both the maps, while Neophyte put up a very good struggle to lose in Overtime on one of the maps against Eu4ia.


Space soldiers have always been known to be deeply inconsistent in their performances. They have had games where they could upset several Tier one teams ( lower level of course) but they have also lost to T4 teams quite as easily. Their performance directly correlates with xantares performing / not performing. However the rest of the team is equally important and at times it is important that they step up. Most of their recent matches however have been losses and not always against better teams. They lost to Tricked which is not really on the same level as eu4ia. Tricked has players such as Inzta, flex etc. These players are not on the same level as Eu4ia / Neophyte.


The risk in this match is quite high as both teams are on a losing streak and it’s not evident as to why.


The Prediction : 63%-37% Neophyte.

The Bet : Low Neophyte.

Risk : High.