New Arcade modes coming to Overwatch

Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode will be coming next week featuring game modes with a few tweaks to their rule sets that will be exclusive to this mode:

Mystery Duel: A 1v1 style best-of-nine round game mode. This game mode will have you on your toes and test your ability and knowledge of hero match ups. Each round players will spawn as a random hero. This game mode in particular will be played on the upcoming “Eco Point Antarctica,” map coming later this year which is the lab Overwatch hero Mei where she was found frozen in cryostasis.

Elimination: This is a “hardcore” 3v3 game mode with no respawn. Each round will be a best-of-five with the option to pick any hero that want, but without the option to respawn as expected from a game mode named Elimination. Similar to the Mystery Duel, Elimination will also take place on Eco Point Antarctica.

Mystery Heroes: Building off of the Mystery Duel concept is a 6v6 game mode on the old maps we currently have. In this game made each player will spawn in as a random hero with a “randomness factor” throw in for some extra madness.

All Brawls: This will be the hub for all past and future Brawl Modes. Players can select which brawl they want to play such as Ana Knows Best. As for “future” brawls, the developers mentioned that we will be receiving hero specific modes such as Lucio and Roadhog only or Lucio and Reinhardt only on old maps such as Well on Ilios.

Eco Point Antarctica

According to Kaplan, the No Hero Limits game mode change will be coming in the next PTR patch as early as Monday, but there were no guarantees on an exact date.


There will also be specifically a one hero limit in a new arcade mode:

Jeff Kaplan :

We know that hero stacking is a hugely polarizing thing for the community. We feel like for quick play to feel healthy we have to implement single hero limit. However, we recognize that a large community liked hero stacking, so we wanted to make sure people had a place to play this mode still – thus the new mode 6v6 No Limits in the Arcade.