New card added for Mill Rogue decks – Gadgetzan

The previously out of meta Mill rogue decks will be returning upon the introduction of 2 new cards


The Gadgetzan expansion has revealed yet another set of card, two of which belong to the Rogue class. These two cards will definitely be useful for Mill Rogue decks, as the effects of both are amazingly compatible with the play style of the deck.

The two news cards are “Gadgetzan Ferryman” and “Daring Reporter”. The first will have a special combo effect which returns a friendly minion to the player’s hand, this card will be amazing when played as a combo with the cold light oracle. The second card had lower than normal stats, costing 4 mana for a 3-3 body, but does include a special effect that adds a 1-1 bonus for each card the opponent draws. This will almost indefinitely mean that it will be a 4-4 the next turn, unless the opponent is fatigued.

As a Mill Rogue fan back in the day, I’m thrilled to see the introduction of these two new cards. While mill may be considered heavily on the RNG component of the game, it does take a lot of skill to determine the chances of drawing certain cards, and playing cards at the perfect time to ensure you have enough damage and draw. I can’t wait until the expansion hits to once against bring Mill Rogue back into the Meta!