New Champion Camille – Skill breakdown


Riot has unveiled the new champion Camille to be released prior to next season.


Passive : Adaptive Defenses

Once Camille hits an enemy, she will gain a shield based from the enemy’s primary damage source. For example, if Camille basic attacks an ADC Tristana she will get an armor health shield, while attacking an AP Victor will grant her a magic purple health shield.

Q : Precision Protocol

Her Q will provide bonus attack damage and some movement speed on her next basic attack. If recasted within a short time, she will repeat the skill, but if held, the next attack will do more damage as true damage with the next basic attack.

W : Tactical Sweep

A cone of damage will be cast after a short delay. The cone will have two parts, if the enemy is hit on the outer part, it does additional damage as well as slowing the enemy. If hit in the inner cone, it will simply to basic damage. The damage from the cone will damage all enemies and minions within.

E : Hookshot + Wall Dive

The initial hook will pull Camille towards a wall if hit, similar to nautilus Q, but will not damage or hook any champions. The second cast will only appear if Camille hits her initial Hookshot against a wall, and will allow Camille to dash towards a target direction. The second cast is called “Wall dive” and will damage and stun all enemies in the small area. There are two ranges for the skill, one basic range, and a larger range when she dashes towards a champion.

R : Hextech Ultimatum

The ultimate will cause Camille to be untargetable for a short period and jump into the sky. When casted on an enemy champion, it pushes all targets such as minions and other enemy champions out of a fairly large area. Enemy will be unable to cross to the area as walls are enclosing the targeted champion. The ult can either fade trough a period of time, of when Camille exits the ultimate area.