New champion Ornn – LoL

Skill rundown of the newest LoL champion, Ornn

Riot has revealed details of the new League of Legends champion they will soon be releasing, likely in the coming patch. Ornn look like a cross between Olaf and Malphite and is designed extremely special, as Ornn will be able to buy items / upgrades for himself while NOT in shop as long he is out of combat.

He also has 2 passives, where he can not only purchase special items for himself while in lane / jungle, but he also grants himself and his team an opportunity to upgrade a SINGLE item. While this may not sound that much, this will totally break the game in the late game, as it extends the damage / overall stats a team can usually attain.

Q – Damage in a short line, also slows the enemy. Summons small pillar at the end

W – Immune to CC, reduces damage for short duration and shoots fire in front of himself. May apply brittle, which does additional damage to the enemy once Ornn auto’s them, or face additional CC time if teammates immobilise the person debuffed.

E – Charges in a line, does damage to enemies hit. If he hit terrain, it will knock up enemies close to the terrain.

R – Makes a massive lane outline, where a fire elemental charges towards Ornn when activated. Reusing the ability will cause the creature to bounce back and do damage again.