New heroic brawls coming to Hearthstone to bring a competitive experience


For each heroic brawl run you will enter a deck and once it is submitted you cannot change it throughout the run. You will face off vs other players trying to reach up to 12 wins. If you lose 3 times however the run is over.

They will have an entry cost of $9.99 or 1000g. The prices for winning are said to be significantly better than arena rewards, as with the increased cost.

Heroic Brawls are special brawls that take up a normal Brawl week. As such it doesn’t seem like you will have a normal Tavern brawl during the weeks a heroic one is live. With this announcement Blizzard also released a video explaining some of their thoughts behind this new feature.

If you’re not ready to throw down during Heroic Brawl week, you can watch your friends Brawl with Spectator Mode or cheer on your favorite streamers as they go for the gold. We’ll return to our normal Tavern Brawl schedule after the conclusion of the Heroic Tavern Brawl week.

We hope that our Heroic Brawl scratches the competitive itch of the players looking for a high risk, high reward experience. Heroic Brawl is coming soon, so keep an eye out for updates.

We’re always looking to try new things in Hearthstone, so let us know what you think of Heroic Brawl on the official Hearthstone forums!

Many feel that the venture is too expensive in the current format.

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