New honor rewards – Season 8 LoL

Season 8 means not only rank resets, but honor rank level resets


New rewards will be given to players in the new season 8 on each honor level / check point reached. It is understood the current honor levels will be further broken down into check points, likely to inform players how close they are to promoting to the next stage. Getting to these stages will also give various rewards such as champion shards, blue essence, key fragments and even the rare medieval twitch and grey warwick at honor level 5.

The season reset also resets honor levels, however, it’s going to be a little different this time. Players who are dishonourable, or honor level 1 will stay at their own honor level. People on honor level 2 will stage honor 2, while players who have reached a higher level, eg honor level 4 will gain an additional check point (in honor level 2).

Dishonorable, Honor 1 and Honor 2 = no change
Honor 3 > Honor 2, check point 1
Honor 4 > Honor 2, check point 2
Honor 5 > Honor 2, check point 3