New priest hero skin – Hearthstone

Priest Hero: Tyrande Whisperwind will be part of a special bundle promotion

The only way players will be able to get this skin will be through the purchase of a special bundle. The bundle has yet to be released, but considering the creation of a new hero skin, there is no doubt it’ll be pretty awesome! The release date for the “special promotion” has yet to be announced, but i’d predict that It’ll come out next patch, considering it was in this month’s patch notes


Included in the “special promotion”, there will be a new card back too. The card back looks amazing and is color tailored to match with the new hero skin Tyrande Whisperwind, a striking blue and silver.

special-promo-card-backThere has been months of speculation of this skin. The video below was published February 2016, but note, this is unlikely to be the final design.