Newbee partners strategically with Tongfu



In a statement on Newbee’s Weibo, the team has announced that they will be “strategically partnering” with Tongfu moving forward. As a part of the partnership, they will be taking over Tongufu’s Dota operations and have also revealed specific plans to move Tongfu’s youth teams to Anhui Province in order to get them the experience and training they need with professional players. Additionally, they have made changes to their rosters which are listed below our translation. One notabe difference in the rosters is that 290 is being loaned to the Newbee.Youth squad from White Fries.
Here is the translation of the official statement. Special thanks to Shrinkzxo, who translated and broke this story.

‘A statement regarding a strategic partnership between Newbee e-Sports Club and Tongfu Porridge’

With immediate effect, Newbee e-Sports Club has reached a Strategic Partnership with Tongfu Porridge. Tongfu Porridge will be a sponsor for Newbee in the future; the TongFu Dota Team will be run by Newbee(‘s management on Tongfu Porridge’s behalf).

To perfect the team’s localisation and ladder teams’ nurturing, Tongfu will be HQed in Anhui Province, to provide traineeships and participation in pro games for new players.

At the same time, Newbee and TongFu have reached an agreement on roster optimisation, with our rosters as follows:

With this move, Newbee aims to develop in – house talent and help maintain their skill level at a high skill ceiling.