Ninja Tabi changes incoming!

Following Tyler1’s heated explosion on stream, Riot has its eyes on Ninja Tabi

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Ninja Tabi has always been one of the most popular boots in the game, if not item in the game. This is because not only does it grant decent movement speed and armor, the passive counters most if not all auto attacking reliant champion. Ninja Tabi blocks 10% of all basic attack damage, thus providing the user with large amount of damage reduction.

Not only is Ninja Tabi a good item, it’s is extremely cheap considering its a 2 boot. Ninja Tabi in it’s current state allows it’s buyers to most of the time steam roll bruisers and ADCs alike. There is little to no counter for Tabi, as it reduces the percentage of each auto attack.

This caused infamous streamer, Tyler1, to rant / throw a fit on stream following his death, leading to a loss as Draven. He proceeds to curse Riot and demands for the dev team to change Ninja Tabi.

As a result, RiotRepertior has commented in a forum post that the dev team has been discussing changes towards Tabi for the upcoming 8.7 patch.