NIP announce return of Pyth

nip-logoNIP have announced the return of Pyth to the Swedish team. Following Pyth’s hand injury the Ninjas had been playing with Maikelele as a stand-in for the team’s October events and E-league in November. They achieved considerable success with Maikelele. However as reported, Maikelele played his last game for NIP yesterday.


“I got more nervous from watching the matches at home than playing them because you get a different view of the game. Sometimes when they lost I wish I could do something about it.”, Pyth says.


“It feels really good to be back again with the boys. Thanks for the support and everyone that believes in me!” Mourujärvi says.





With this announcement the core of NIP is back again. We hope they are able to replicate the team’s success so far.

NIP  Roster with Pyth