NIP drops entire Overwatch roster

NIP’s former Overwatch roster has been dropped effete immediately

One of the biggest organisation’s,  Ninjas in Pygamas has dropped their Overwatch roster due to sub-par performance. While the Blizzard assured organisation’s that it would strongly focus on evolving the competitive scene, they failed to do so. NIP also stated the slow growth was partly to blame, as many know, Overwatch tournaments are viewed so much less compared to the other big 3 games like League, Dota and CS.

It is certain that NIP will be departing the Overwatch scene, however, they did state they will continue to monitor the scene for growth. The organisation accused Blizzard of poor communication towards the organisation’s, which created uncertainty regarding competitive Overwatch.

The roster will likely split and go their separate ways, as recent poor performance has shown they are not working well together anymore.