NIP Stay Legends

NIP managed a win over Mouz in the elimination matchup at the MLG Columbus 2016 Major. With the win, they have managed a playoff spot and retain their “Legend” Status.


The opening match was de_Cobble.This was Mousesports map pick but it definitely did not look like their pick as NIP thrashed them with some amazing set plays. The New NIP seemed much more coordinated with Friberg transitioning smoothly into his role as a support player and flashing in for Get_right and Threat via multiple angles. The match was a total domination by NIP as they settled the scores 16-5


NIP vs Mouz Map 1


NIP’s picked Cache in the second match, a map which Mousesports have traditionally excelled on. NIP started off very slowly at 0-5. But managed a very good comeback on their CT side and actually ended up with a lead of one map. NIP looked lost towards the second half of the map as they could not find an answer to Mousesport’s tactics. Finally Niko got some help from his team mates with the frags being very evenly spread out amongst the players. Mouz won this map 16-12.


NIP vs Mouz Cache

The final map, Overpass is traditionally one of the worst for both NIP and Mouz. NIP started off strong as usual, only to fall flat mid round. NIP took around 5-6 rounds to figure out how to strengthen their hold near the mid section of the map. The second half ended up with a 9-6 scoreline in favor of NIP. Mouz did win the second pistol, but NIP brought it back in the first gun round. That itself set the tone for the rest of the half as Mouz could almost never get back into the match due to their economy. NIP won the map 16-9, quite comfortably in the end.

NIP vs Mouz Overpass

The star of the series was Get_right, his opening kills and the multiple frags per round ensured NIP were always one step ahead






NIP will face off against NaVi in the Quarterfinals of the MLG Columbus Major. This will be held at the Main Arena.