NIP vs Astralis Odds, Prediction and Preview

NIP vs Astralis.


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Ninjas in Pyjamas and Astralis are matched up to play each other as part of DreamHack ZOWIE Open Summer which will be played at 2PM on Monday, 20th of June 2016.

From both teams recent plays and performance I can tell this will be an extremely close Best of Three and it won’t be easy for either team to take the victory.

Astralis have maintained a solid performance throughout this tournament with a clean scorecard and no losses.
Astralis’ Recent Wins;
Astralis vs SK – WIN
Astralis vs Ence – WIN
Astralis vs CLG – WIN
Astralis vs NRG – WIN
Astralis vs SK – WIN

NIP have also maintained a perfect performance up until their recent match up against GODSENT where they were demolished. In my opinion the Ninjas have one of the best line ups possible and it just needs tweaks strategically to make them the top team again.
NIP’s Recent Games;
NIP vs Epsilon – WIN
NIP vs Epsilon – WIN
NIP vs G2 – WIN
NIP vs Optic – WIN

Based off of these statistics and my knowledge of Counter-Strike and the teams I can say that NIP are favourite to win this game with 65-70% odds.

Calvin Hynes.