NIP vs Astralis; Tips, Odds and Betting Previews – Starladder SL I League Season 2

Starladder I League

Starladder I League


NIP and Astralis are matched up against each other in the Quarterfinals of the SL I league Season 2 match to be held on the 10th of September 2016 at 1200 CEST.


NIP have been looking very good since Dreamhack Malmo. The Threat effect is definitely showing in the team as the team is gelling well together. Their gameplay has shown significant levels of increase in professionalism and aim also seems very confident. Right now the team is quite in the zone and are definitely amongst the top 5 of the world. The way they demolished Godsent definitely sends a message. NIP historically have had good matches against their Danish counterparts. This is mainly due to a mental block that Astralis ( then dignitas ) have against NIP.


Astralis, while they were really good against NaVi and others usually. However their performance wanes against NIP. It started with the time Nuke (old) used to be in the map pool. NIP was the only team that could defeat the then Dignitas roster. Astralis like to play on maps such as Mirage, Overpass and Nuke. While Overpass is a bad map for NIP, the other maps are really good.


The Prediction : 68%-32% NIP

The Bet: Medium on NIP