NIP vs Epsilon | Dreamhack Summer 2016 Semi Finals | Tips Odds and Preview

Dreamhack Summer 2016NIP and Epsilon are matched up against each other at the Dreamhack Summer 2016 Semi finals to be held on the 19th of June 2016 at 21:00 CEST


NIP  have faced defeat when they lost to their local counterparts yesterday in Godsent. The map was Mirage and mirage has been a map that has been traditionally very good for Pronax as a captain. NIP as a team have been called ëasy to read, however that should change considering Threat will know how to mix it up right now. Epsilon are not anywhere near a strategic team as Godsent were (with pronax). Epsilon rely mainly on aim with lots of pushing and aggressive cautious play to gain information on their CT side. This type of gameplay is easily countered by NIP ( cause they play so passive).


Epsilon just won against Hellrasiers 2-0 and despite them performing decently against HR, you could see how close the matches were. Oskar was able to carry the team with ease and his team mates let him down to be honest. Epsilon have the necessary aim ( maybe ) but against a team like NIP which has been improving in managing their economy and the way they play around ecoś an outright win looks difficult


The Prediction : 70%-30% NIP

The Bet : High NIP