NIP vs Faze; Tips, Odds and Betting Previews – ESL Pro League S 4

esl pro league

ESL Pro League Season 4

NIP and Faze are matched up against each other in the Group stage of the ESL pro League to be held on the 25th of August 2016 at 1750 CEST


NIP have been somewhat mediocre in their recent performances. They have not been able to win many matches and some of the matches that they did win were on Nuke or just weak maps for the opponents. NIP however have a trump card in Disco Doplan who has been standing in for Pyth ( with the potential for a roster change eh?). They have a aggressive young player who takes the risks that are required in order to gain high rewards.


Faze on the other hand have had some small roster change. They still need to adjust to these roster changes. Cache however has traditionally been one of the better maps for Faze. Faze consists of mainly aim hitters and a map like Cache is definitely something that will suit them a lot.


The Prediction :  55%-45% Faze

The Bet : Low on Faze.