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NIP vs Flipside


ESL Cologne 2016

NIP and Flipside are matched up against each other in the Elimination match of ESL one Cologne 2016 to be held on the 7th of July 2016 at 14 CEST

NIP had a close and frustrating match against NaVi. This seems to be he comeback major. Almost every match that one team goes up 5-0, 7-1,7-0 they keep losing :D. Anyways NIP had a fantastic start on Cobblestone Terrorist side against NaVI. They were up 7-1 at one point of time. However some strong CT B site holds by NaVi saw NIP shortening their lead to a mediocre 9-6. On the terorist side of Cobblestone, in the current meta 9 rounds seem woefully insufficient.


The second half started with a very strong NIP pistol round, but was followed up by an equally strong forcebuy from NaVI. NIP could never recoup their economy after that and were swept aside by Guardian and co. This  loss was without any flashy plays by Guardian and with F0rest and Get_Right top fragging for the swedes. Pyth and Xizt however were way below the average KD ratio on the server and even the kills that they did get were not at all impact frags.

Now NIP may have had a problem in facing off agaist NaVi, but it is undeniable that NaVi are in the current top three of the world rankings. With Guardian back in form, this team looks set to take the finals of the Major. They have been runners up at the last two majors and maybe they can just be lucky the third time?


Flipside had a horrible start to their match against Optic. Starting off on the favored side on Train, Flipside were unable to contain Mixwell and his friends. The terrorist side from Optic saw some good overall performances led by Mixwell and others. However once they switched to the CT side, they were just unable to hold off Flipside. Mixwell was trying his best and many would say he was the best player on the server cosely followed by Worldedit. However when none of your team mates are performing, it is really difficult to do anyhing more. Flipside, however were not too impressive either. Yes Markeloff did step up towards the latter half of the game and supported Worldedit who was doing a fantaistc job of keeping th Flipside hopes up. However they were by n means good. It was partly due to mistakes by the Optic team and partly due to luck that they did get many of the rounds that they did.

Flipsideś best maps are Train, Cache and Mirage. Train and Cache are amazing maps for NIP. Mirage is the map that NIP are mediocre on and on a downward trend based on their recent matches. NIPś performance on Mirage in their last couple of games has just resulted in losses for the Swedish side. Flipside do not hold an advantage over NIP in any department of the game. Their aim is inferior to NIP while the map pool too seems to favor NIP as of right now.


The Prediction : 75%-25% NIP

The Bet : High on NIP