NIP vs Gamers2 | E League | Tips Odds and Previews




Gamers2 and NIP are matched up against each other in the final playoff stage of the Eleague tournament Group B to be held on the 3rd of June 2016 at 22:15 EDT

Check out the head to head images for the two teams at As you can clearly see Gamers2 has had the advantage over NIP for a long period of time right now. NIP on the other hand, even though they are among the top four teams in the world right seem to be having slight problems in their gameplay. Forest admitted as much in this interview –


Gamers2 have been looking unstoppable so far. Their ratio of wins to losses is very high. The team has been brimming in confidence. This, along with their improved map pool has put Gamers2 in a premier position for this match. Their gameplay relies heavily on Shox and RPK as main players in the team. Shox especially has been phenomenal in the past few weeks with some god tier performances.


NIP on the other hand have been past their peak and have found some new chinks in their armor. Forest and Get_Right have been the main fraggers on the team.We have seen the team falter when these two do not perform. Get_Right especially has been having a tumultuous tournament so far. It might be a bit of a big call to say that Get_right would start carrying the team again. While it is possible, in the current scenario it looks a bit far fetched.


The Prediction : 65%-35% Gamers2

The Bet : Medium on Gamers2  (Most probably 2-1)