NIP vs Gamers2 | ECS | Tips, Odds and Previews


NIP and Gamers2 are matched up against each other in the elimination match of ECS to be held on the 25th of June 2016 at 12:20 CEST

NIP looked very pale yesterday in comparison to their opponents in LG. The performance of the team was lacklustre to start with and they could not pull through in the final stages of the match. The map was Overpass, but NIP had left in a choice of Nuke as well. That gets me to believe that NIP might have something planned for Nuke as well. This does give them a tactical advantage against most of the other teams, as not all of the teams would have prepared Nuke in this tournament. NIPś tactical advantage against Gamers2 does seem significant as they are pretty old teams knowing each others style of gameplay.


Gamers2, after their 26-4 run in the past month have slowly fallen off grace. They have not had much significant wins and one of their previous losses was in the Finals of an E League Group itself against NIP. As such the mental roadblock also might be present for Games2 against NIP.


In terms of maps, NIP love to play Cache, Cobblestone. They usually always ban Overpass . Mirage, Dust2, are decent maps for the Swedish side. Nuke is a joker map as we have not seen either teams on it. There have been instances in the past when NIP believes they are good on a map, only to be proved wrong by their opponents ( Overpass against LG).


Gamers2’ play a map pool quite similar to that of NIP. They like to play Dust2, Cache, Cobblestone. The likelihood of at least two of these maps pulling through into the final three maps is quite high. As such it comes down to which team plays better on these maps. Cache as a map is a very strong map for NIP. They have an extremely high win rate on Cache in the past 1-2 months. Cobblestone a map that is generally T sided for most matches, turns out quite CT sided between these two teams. Ofcourse it all comes down to their scrims and these two teams knowing each others style of gameplay


Having seen NIP score 12 rounds , which is decent against a much stronger side in LG & knowing this is an elimination match for the tournament, NIP do seem to be the stronger side. Head to Head matchups favor NIP.


The Prediction : 65%-35% NIP

The Bet : Medium on NIP.