NIP vs Gamers2; Tips, Odds and Betting Previews – SL I League Season 2

Starladder I League

Starladder I League

NIP and Gamers2 are matched up against each other in the finals of the SL I League Season 2 to be held on the 11th of September 2016 at 1800 CEST.


NIP have earned their way up till now. They defeated some really good teams such as Godsent, Astralis and Cloud9. The wins were quite significant in the score-lines and the confidence displayed by NIP. The grenade strats by the Swedish roster definitely show how much effort they have put into the game. The camaraderie of the team is at a all time high with Maikelele gelling well enough with the other team members. The raw aim of the team is definitely above that of Gamers2. This matchup however will depend heavily on the strats. The veterans in the matchup will be playing many mind games of their own.


Gamers2 have been consistently placing in the finals and semi finals of several tournaments for months now. Earlier it was a struggle against SK and now they are facing NIP. Coming into this match, a lot will depend on Shox and how his performance on the maps are. A lot of Gamers2 wins depend heavily on Shox and RPK. If either fails, the team does not have as good a showing.


shoxThe Prediction : 60%-40% in favor of NIP.

The Bet : low on NIP